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Hi there new owner of a Saab vector 2ltr turbo convertible,
I have a few issues ,
No central locking
Roof won’t go down
No audio sound
No indicator sounds
No intier lights (if that’s how you spell it )
I have had this car since 22 dec 2019 all was working on her on purchasing , drove home lovely drive ,
The next day the Sid display had gone ,
I couldn’t turn up the volume on the radio without pressing the night panel , worked ok when doing so,
Now last week is when I started having the new issues , I ran my Bastet down by leaving the lights on so I got a new battery and since then I have all of the above issues please can someone put me in the right direction I have also checked fuses in the 3 fuse boxes but not checked the amp under the seat. Im in uk
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