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suyoungman said:
ok, i was looking at the diagram that's shown on that webpage, and have yet to understand how the clips are supposed to be connected?

My question is best described through this picture. There are two cables coming out of the power cable and 2 from the mute cable. Do I use both cables from both the power and the mute cable? Or do I just use one from each? And what about the yellow cable coming out of the mute cable? And the three colored cables protruding from the power cable that’s seen here in the diagram to be connecting to the yellow cable?
I just installed the CK3000 in my 9.3 a few months ago; this is what I did:

Cut one pair of speaker leads from the male side of the DIN plug on the mute cable (A). I cut the wires very close to the plug to get enough length. Next I used a paperclip to pop two of the metal female connectors from the other DIN plug hanging from the mute cable, might as well choose the same color wires. To pop them out, insert the paperclip into the front of the plug, between the plastic and the metal connector and tug on the wire from the other side of the plug. The paperclip should release the little tab that holds the metal connector into the plastic plug, and the wire should pull right out. I then cut these leads from the harness, again I wanted as much length on the wires as possible, to get the most length I cut them close to the "black box" that's in-line in the mute cable. After splicing the two pieces together I was left with two long speaker leads with female metal clips on the end, these clips fit perfectly into the wiring block on the back of the 9.3 EHU and snap in as if they were factory. (search for alex_c's breakdown on the TEL1 wiring to see where the speakers connect)

Next, you need to do the same with the yellow mute lead from the other set of DIN plugs. Once you have spliced it like the speaker leads, this will also plug into the back of the EHU.

Power and ground are easy enough. I tapped the switched power and the ground from the cigarette lighter. Constant power can be tapped from the thick power cable going into the EHU.

As for the mic, I used the one included with the kit, and used the self adhesive mount to attach it to the plastic trim arround the rear view mirror on the headliner. This puts the mic centered right above the mirror.

Hope this helps.
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