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Hi all,

A small hose broke when I was driving cross country. I might be mistaken but I believe it is an air line that goes into the engine. I fixed it with glue and duct tape and the engine has been running smoothly since then. I drive a 2004 9-3 Linear.

Now that I am home I would like to replace the part, but the part number is erased and I can't seem to find what it is.

If the pictures below are too slow to load, you can see them all here:

The first picture is what I fixed with glue and duct tape. Before the fix the end of the tube wouldn't stick to the round thing (valve?).

The next one shows where this part is in the engine bay. The tube connects to another tube that goes in the back.

This is the rest of the tube in close-up:

And with a larger view -- you can see it connects to another similar tube in the back:

The other line:

On the other end, it goes to the front:

Any indication of what it is and where I can buy one would be very helpful.


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