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cary said:
I know this doesn't exactly fit in to the category of "workshop" but i need help finding a used 9-3ss. I live in the san diego area and am having trouble finding a 9-3ss with manual transmission of any type. Does anyone have any recommendations or advice?;)
Welcome... I think it fits into the forum well enough. Well, if you look around here too much you might be hesitant to jump on a used SS. Don't be afraid, just remember most people come here only looking for solutions to problems they have. There are quite a few satisfied SS owners out there, you just don't hear from them as much!

Well I think there should be a glut of used 9-3SS coming off of 2-3 year lease deals, and would make it fairly easy to find a used one. Manual transmission cars will always be a bit harder to come by. I think most of us that have them, love them and don't want to let go! Seriously though, I think that if I were looking for a used 9-3SS, I would probably start out at a dealer. There you always have the ability to pick it up as a certified used if you feel so inclined as well as take the car for a test drive. I know that right now my dealer here in Pittsburgh has several used SS's in stock. But they are all auto trans. I don't know how you feel about the whole eBay thing? Sometimes it seems that you can get a fairly good deal. Although I would have a hard time bidding on a car without seeing it in person first. Keep scouring, local paper classifieds. Since there are many that were leased, I would think that the auto auctions in your area might be a good place to check as well.

If you are looking for a manual transmission, beware of the 6 speed on the 2003 (as well as a few 2004's) Arcs and Vectors. Not that they are all problematic, but many on the board complain about the shift quality, make sure you try it out before you purchase. There are plenty of old threads on here that cover this.

Good luck and keep us abreast of your situation.
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