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Hey fellow Saab enthusiasts,

My partner and I recently bought our first Saab this past summer. She was an automatic 1999 9-3 named Saab Vader; unfortunately she was a rust bucket so she's now just the donor car for our new manual 1999 9-3 whom we haven't named yet. While I'm new to Saab ownership, I've grown up loving these cars. My late father owned a garage and often sold, drove, and worked on Saabs.

My current Saab is a project car, like many 9-3s. Her Saab story, the guy we bought it from hardwired the TWICE module (I don't know why) and she won't start ("Key not accepted" message"). I am about to buy my first tech 2 programmer clone (recommendations welcomed) and will take the TWICE module and corresponding key from Saab Vader and perform my first Saab surgery!

Although I grew up in my father's garage, this will be my first time repairing my own car and learning as a go with the help of my grandfather, and hopefully all of you. I am a novice, so any and all help is more than welcome. Hopefully I can absorb the expertise from this forum and create my own army of Saabs.

Nice to meet you all and happy holidays!

-MG's Saab Stories
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