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Hi, guys!

This is my first post. @[email protected] wow.

I have '98 900s, 2.3 NA and Manual, 99k miles.
This car's clutch is hydraulic clutch.

i bought from private seller but he already leaved here few month ago,
so i cant ask 2 him about repair/maintain history.

My car's clutch is so so heavy, like aftermarket tuned clutch!
(someguy's car,had been replaces to copper pressure blah blah, like that.)

i checked break/clutch fluid reservoir, fluid color was dark.

i searched this forum, about heavy clutch, but almost threads were about cable-type clutch.

How can i do?

my friend's said, "just replace clutch" but i dont have enough money, u know, im poor freshman in college lol.
i'll try 2 change the break/clutch fluid at next weekend, is it helperful for clutch?

ah.. and i know, u guys are so difficult to read(and understand).
cuz im an international student. im from South Korea.
but, im the owner of Saab! so im proud!

have a great day!

i attach my car's pic. lol saab is so cooooool. (except clutch, AC system hahaha)
at lake side
when i drove. <- good @[email protected]
another one
and more <- i think, this one is the best! haha

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Heavy clutch ?
Excessive foot pressure required to operate same ?
There are several places where we must have too much friction..
1 where the foot pedal pivots - very unlikely.
2 at the TO(throw out) release bearing arm, this pivots from the bell housing - very difficult to lubricate, and a known problem...but this is from the cable and the old time hydraulic units..
3 the TO bearing itself.. One reason to keep the fluid clean. This, and the brake fluid must be changed every three years or so.. It may be too late for this ???

IMO(in my opinion), the PO(previous owner) has an obligation to give the new owner all of the cars records,tools,etc as part of the transaction....

Welcome to Saab Central, Asieml

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ill try 2 change my cars fluid...

i think thats only choice i can(without big budget).

have a good day!
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