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Hello, guys!
Before I post the article, I think I do surf a lot on this forum and internet.
And try to solve the problem I have, actually i have no idea about that.

First, I push "auto" and "off" to diagnose, 3 faults displayed.
#1--21, #2--08(sometimes #2--13), #3--21.
Why is not always showing the same result? Code 08 (regulator temperature)I know but code 13? And I checked that several times the code 08 gone, is it meaning the blend door is ok?
why #1 and #3 showed the same? although #3 just showed a moment.
I try to figure out the fault meaning on website, but I still have no idea about that #1 and #3. Can i fix that by myself?
Second, the climate control I shut off, some slight air still flow from central vent and other vents, is it normal and code 08 causing?

Today I try to figure out how to open the blend door, it is not easy to do.
You know the body should be in unbelievable curve in driver's foot space.:lol:
Thank you guys to see this and give me the suggestion or advice.
1 - 2 of 2 Posts