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Hi there,
I'm new to the forum, so g'day everyone.
My son has a 2007 Aero V6.
After driving through flood waters, both headlights have stopped working.
I've tried new bulbs, checked the fuses but no joy.
I'm a little confused with how everything works.
"side" lights work (inner light on the head lamp assembly)
"Flash" and high beam work
Indicators work
Fog lights work
Just main beam (second position on the light switch) doesn't work
I've read a lot on the 'net about an orange relay, but this car doesn't seem to have it.
I've attached a pic of the fuse box
Any help appreciated
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Hi and welcome.
Disconnect battery first and after that remove UEC (pic shown) and try to dry it.
UEC removal:
Remove tx25 screws in both ends
Remove power supply connector nut (13mm)
Use an 8mm hex socket or E torx and loosen three (3) screws (do not come loose).
When they are open, tap screws down on sleeve, causing connectors to disengage from bottom of UEC.
You can now lift UEC off.
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