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Headlights dim / lamp failure while using windshield washer (also blows fuse)

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Noticed a burning smell a few mornings ago, smelled like electrical. Went to use my windshield washer yesterday and there was nothing. Found a popped fuse. Replaced it, and tried it again tonight. Washers sprayed, headlights dimmed, cid popped up with driver low beam failure for a split second, then nothing. Popped the fuse again. I’m more curious as to how or where the headlights would be tied in to the washer pump. Wondering if the burning smell came from the stalk, or something in the engine compartment. Any clues or directions to head?
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Replace driver side headlight bulb.
When you use washers, lights do dim, because water spray comes to headlight.
Check/replace washer pump.
You could also have bad CIM washer switchpack, but that is rare.
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