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Head Needs Fixing

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I need to replace a warped cylinder head. Two choices;

1) go with the Saab dealers second hand one, rebuilt in Germany where car is located/stranded Cost = 100%

2) The second hand one I have needs welding in three places, between the intake and exhaust valves. It also needs seven valve inserts replaced.
It is with a very competent specialist, CTM in Essex. They say they have welded many alumn Ford heads that have stood-up to many years of 25psi w/o trouble. Cost = 50%

Do I dare go with option number 2?

If I do go with number 2, should I bother and tranfer my cams/springs/valves from my warped 77k miles head to the repaired head which has w/in tolerance valves/springs/cams but 177k miles?

Any comments much appreciated.
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Difference of 50% is $600 approx.

Maybe I need to get looking for another used head.
Problem is there are not many perfect condition 9k Aeros w/ 77k miles for $1200...
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