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Head gasket on 1985 series 1 T16

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My friend and i have just replaced a head gasket on a 1985 series 1 T16. It came in to us running on 3 cylinders and had just been diagnosed by a very arrogant:( "Turners Hill Saab" as having a blown head gasket proved by compression test.
Upon removal of the head we discovered that No 3 had blown between the cooling ports on the head and the cylinder bore No3. The gasket was still in good condition it only had soot damage on the valves and on the gasket. 0.012" was skimmed off the head and it was put back together, with all new gaskets. now the problem seems to be cyl. no.4??????:eek: :eek:
Please, please, please, do you have any thoughts as to what our problem might be?:confused:
Kind Regards.....Joe and Mark
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did you "cross-torque" (a word I just made up) the bolts as you were
torque'ing them up (i.e. in sequence)

This is the correct sequence

I suppose - but don't take my word for it - that if you don't do it this way you
could squash the gasket more on one side than you did on the other?
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