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Having problems warming up the 9-3

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Having problems warming up the 9-3, even when its 50 degrees outside. I live in Michigan and I didn’t have a problem with this all winter. The car starts fine, usually start the car back up and leave, keeping the car around 2 thousand rpm before the motor warms up. Lately the car has problem getting above 1 thousand rpms and feels like its stalling out. It feels like turbo lag but 10X as worse. After slamming on the pedal once or twice to get it going it will go a bit faster 25 mph or so.

Called the dealer they said its because I don’t let it sit and idle before I take off. From different threads ive read that it’s bad to do this.

Is there a spot in you manual that tells you proper warm up procedures for the car?
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Keep in mind we have the electronic throttle as well which could be causing you some problems. I've noticed it sometimes doesn't allow the engine to rev real freely when cold.
I'm also going to guess at a potential bad gas issue. Has this happened on more than one tank from a different fuel station?
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