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I was looking into ways to hook up an MP3 player to the radio unit in my 2001 9-3.

A couple places on the web suggest plugging an "adapter harness for mobile phone (400 109 179)" component behind the glovebox, and then soldering a toggle switch and 1/8" headphone jack to four wires off the harness.

I would then plug the MP3 player into the jack, toggle the switch to enable the radio's handsfree phone feature, and the audio signal would go through that input and out of the speakers.

I bought the harness, which was pretty cheap, about $30. I then removed the glove box and passenger side panel to get to some of the wiring back there.

I looked around and there were several wiring connections, but none of these would mate to the adapter harness.

I have an Onstar panel near the 12V adapter, which I have never used but I suspect may use some of the same wiring (I'm not positive).

In any case, the Onstar wiring seems to run down and under the gearshift panel. I did not explore here because I wasn't sure how to remove that panel without damaging it, and I wasn't sure if that would be helpful, anyway.

Would anyone who has set up this sort of thing have any advice on how I might proceed? Thanks for your time!
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