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The shoes wear. Seems that the mechanism does not fully release, either because of a problem with the cable or the expander, not sure yet. I actually posted here that they don't wear. Well... I have one side completely worn out, one with moderate wear.

Using the adjuster in the wheel or the nuts on the equalizer bracket seems to fix the problem, but it can actually make it worse. It did on my car. The nuts should probably not be touched except to make the tension on the two cables even.

What seems to happen is that you adjust the brake to SET on one of the middle clicks, but it reduces the slack even more, so it does not fully RELEASE when the lever is down. The pads wear because they do not go back far enough. In a year you have to do it over again because the material wore off.

One side on my car is completely shot. The brake shoe came apart in my hands, the friction material detached from the shoe. The expander is stuck or rusted, and has to be cleaned or replaced. New shoes, goes w/o saying (about 1 mm left on the shoe that did not come apart). New cable, probably.

I am taking my car over to someone who actually understands the design of this mess to see if I can figure out what exactly happened, and not just throw parts at it. My hands are not exactly huge, but I am not looking to do this twice, either.

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