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Half beams not working

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It seems like both of my low beams have gone out, but both high beams are still fully functional.
It disappeared on the left side first and went a few weeks later on the right as well. Both bulbs look okay and no fuse has been blown.
The first one went out after my thermal switch for the radiator fan was stuck on causing the fan to be on even when temp was low and car was off. The other light went out after something similar when i was checking if the thermal switch was working by plugging the contacts into it again.

Does anyone know what might fix it?
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Check the bulbs, check the fuses, check the relay?
Bulbs look okay, no fuses have gone and the relay seems to work like it should. I havent looked in great detail but overall it seems like the low beams should work.
Just to be sure change a bulb. It's also not uncommon that when one bulb (say of the dipped beams) fail the other is following soon after (assumed both are of the same age and brand) as the surviving bulb gets a little bit more juice, thus shortening its life further.
As it turns out the bulbs were infact the culprit. Changing them out for new ones fixed it.
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