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grinding the gears

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hi guys,

just got my car a week ago.
and i grinded when i was trying to shift into 3rd gear.
i think i took my foot off the clutch early.

well, anyways
can anybody tell me what grinding the gears mean? and what it does to your car? I never really had a clear answer from my friends.

they said that it wears the clutch down, because i was trying to shift from neutral to a gear without the clutch down.

thanks for looking guys,
sorry about the noobie question =)

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Grinding the gears is exactly what you said. That is trying to engage a gear with the clutch not fully engaged so its tries to engage into something thats still moving, hence the grinding noise.

If its a one off, then dont worry, if this happens a lot thier may be a clutch problem I guess :confused:

i was just so scared by the noise and when my shifter "yelled" at me. I was just so confused. bleh

1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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