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Hi guys,

My Saab 900 se has started to make a nasty grinding / creaking sound from the steering column area when turing the wheel.

Does anyone have any idea what this may be? Steering column bearings? Something rubbing on the coulumn itself?

The steering rack was completely replaced 15000 miles ago, could this have contributed?

Is WD40 a good quick fix?


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Two areas possibly: one the rubber boot at the floor between the Pedals can squeek when needing a bit of Silicone lube. Also the Steering shaft UJ right above the brake pedal, can lose some of it's grease.. causing all sorts of noise stiffness problems.. Suggest heating the thing with a heat gun (carefully) to melt the existing grease in it.. causing it to reflow/redistribute in the needle cages... this usually works.
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