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Great Birthday

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Its my bithday today and i got a K&N cone filter, cables to move my battery and enough money to order my 3" down pipe. :cool:

Cone and cables are fitted. :D

Exhaust is on route

All done before 9am (wow tht doesn't make me look like a kid ;))
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aww ya big wean :lol:

Was up at the garage helping Alan fit my JT exhaust and drop the rebuilt engine into my T16 yesterday. Thats one hell of a big exhaust. One comment was "you dont need a mechanic for that car its a bloody plumber" Oh and also hacked it to bits to fit a 9k cooler :cheesy:
Aghhhhh I hate this piping stuff. Knew I should have printed some pictures off. Well hopefully the car will be running tommorow If I get out my bed a bit earlier, some holiday eh! I took the bumper back off and put the oil cooler back in its stock place (held there with cable ties :roll: )
Only problem with the oil cooler, we took the shroud off to fit the bigger style cooler on. That leaves it a little bit prone to damage. Finally managed to get the intercooler hosing sorted (cost me £40 to get some silicone hosing) and the temporary air filter fitted. Started it up first time, sounding good so far:cheesy: . Going to flush the oil tommorow, then give it a few gentle miles to see if its in one piece ok. Had a nightmare with the studs for the downpipe to turbo joint. Took a few hours to fix :roll:
1 - 3 of 15 Posts
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