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Hi fellow Saabsters!

I wanted to report some good news for once. AFter reading all this wealth of info on this board, I got to looking around for the crossmember ground up front which has been mentioned numerous times here as being 'dodgy'.
Well lo and behold ALL the smaller ground wires that come out of the loom that are supposed to ground there were CORRODED off! All but one which I think was the radiator fan.
A lot of wire stripping (corrosion was wicking up the wires) and some creative connecting to the battery and now.... Holy cow! my turbo is finally boosting!!!! What a difference now vs. base boost. One of those wires must have been for the APC unit.
other things work now that didn't before like cornering lights and the headlights are slightly brighter.
see pic below. this is truly amazing..

Thanks to all who contribute to this board. I couldn't have done it without you!
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