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Hi guys and gals,
Some of you may remember the GM Believer program from last year, where I was able to give out a certain amount of $1000 coupons. (See this thread: It worked out great last year, and GM has decided to do run this program again!

Here are the details this year, almost the same as last year with a few small differences:

-I record your information, give you a receipt, then I must call 1-800-GM-Drive and provide your information to request a reward certificate for you. The information I need is as follows (send it in a private msg or email to me):
-Full name
-Phone #
-Language preference
-Whether this will be your first car purchase, or you have a competitor vehicle in your household (i.e. non-GM)

- I will review the privacy statement with you (printed on the receipt I give them).
-The Reward Certificate will then be mailed directly to you
-This time, the program ends December 30th, 2005 - vehicles must be delivered within the program dates to qualify - so it runs a little longer than last time (which ended early fall).

To qualify, the rules are the same as last year:

-Must live in Canada

-Must currently own or lease a non-GM vehicle (or just have one in your household) or you will be using this coupon for your first car

-Must have a pulse. ;)

Who's interested? I'm giving you guys the first shot at this, since has always treated me well. :)

Note - This coupon is stackable with all other incentives/discount programs, including GM Discount for Everyone and Their Brother

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THANK-YOU from a new ARC owner

As a result of reading your post, I was able to apply through a friend and am told that I will receive my $1000 off coupon on either Friday of this week or Tuesday of next (Monday is a holiday in CDA) which, I am happy to say, is the day that I pick up my (GM Executive Driven) 2004 laser red 9-3 with touring package and sport wheel package. I have yet to pay my balance and was told (when I called GM today) that the discount will apply if I have the coupon in my hot hands on or prior to August 2.

This is great news. If I get the coupon on or before Tuesday, the extra $ will go to a 3M paint protection bra and perhaps an extended warranty. The other discounts that applied to my purchase expire on Tuesday so I am praying that Canada Post and the General pull through for me. Either way, with all the Employee Discount, Saab Discount and Year End Allowance the car was an amazing deal.

I will keep all posted and post a picture after taking delivery.


1988 Porsche 911 - Guards Red
2004 Saab 9-3 ARC - Laser Red

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That's too bad! Enjoy the car anyway, and we still want pics! :)

Anyone else? GM Employee Discount for Everyone program has been extended until the end of August, and with an extra $1000 off from my coupon, makes it a good time to pick up a new car!
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