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I got this far, but where is this file? It’s not in the GlobalTIS file on the software page...

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Need to make sure you follow one of these versions to a T:

After you finish your installation:

1. Go to Control Panel> System> Advance Environment and set Variable/Value to GlobalTIS and C:\Program Files\GlobalTIS\jre\bin in System Variables

2. Reboot

3. Go to C:\Program Files\GlobalTIS\tomcat\webapps\ROOT and install jre-6u12-windows-i586-p

4. Run GlobalTis, fill dealer info form and request key by (E-mail/Fax)

5. Copy Keygen.class and Keygen.bat to GlobalTIS lib folder: <GlobalTis root>\tomcat\webapps\tis2web\WEB-INF\lib

6. Command prompt then cmd

7. Paste cd C:\Program Files\GlobalTIS\tomcat\webapps\tis2web\WEB-INF\lib

8. Paste keygen.bat Software Key from the registration page

9. Enter the two output numbers to your GlobalTIS registration form


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Why is your preference GlobalTIS over TIS2000?
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