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Hi all

my first time on as I'm a new member, finding all the threads fascinating, anyways...

I have a 89 900 GLE 16v non turbo (Australia). Had it for ten years and love it to death. My question is how does a GLE differ from other models, can't seem to find much info anywhere on the net. Just bought a copy of the Bently 16v bible and although it's great still not much info on my model, any help most appreciated.

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Jezzadee said:
It varied a lot with different markets - I didn't realise they were releasing the GLE as late as 1989. I think it stands for "Grande Luxe Electric". Could be a wind-up though, whoever told me that ;) .

There's a list of special editions on Orca's site here: . That only mentions the earlier form of GLE's though.

Welcome to Saab Central :cool:
Actually, I stand corrected. Just checked my com plate and it's actually 07 of 88, make things clearer for anyone?
Thanks guys, most informative, your spot on with what you've described. Cheers.
1 - 4 of 13 Posts
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