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Hi all

my first time on as I'm a new member, finding all the threads fascinating, anyways...

I have a 89 900 GLE 16v non turbo (Australia). Had it for ten years and love it to death. My question is how does a GLE differ from other models, can't seem to find much info anywhere on the net. Just bought a copy of the Bently 16v bible and although it's great still not much info on my model, any help most appreciated.

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Orca said:
GL is certainly "Grand Luxe", but what that constituted, I don't know. The "E" was for electric, as Jezza says, which was the electric pack (wing mirrors and windows). It was an injection model from the outset and the successor to the EMS model, technically.

In the Europe and the US, GL variants (and EMS) were dropped by 1984; the GLE being the last. The GLE badge did last a lot longer in Australia than the rest of the world, so some reason, and I would imagine that GLE denotes an improved trim level in your market.
I am not being a smart *** or anything but 'E' in GLE stands for "Executive", 'cause it was the posh version, 'E' in EMS stands for "Electronic" 'cause they originally had electronic fuel injection, later types did not but SAAB stood with the EMS badge 'cause that was the Sports version.

can you explain the year of this EMS then?

I would think looking at the flat front it would be up to about 1990, EMS in oz but in the UK it was a 900i, but the Oz SAAB has a 16 valve engine in it, our 16 valve SAAB came later, my this is complicated, for christ sake don't ask me what they were called in Iraq or Mozambique


I meant about 1988 still a few flat fronts regutered in 89 over hear

Marcos said:
GLE (Great Large Explosion)

EMS (Electronicallyl Moving Semtex)

SPG (Super Power Gone)
1 - 4 of 13 Posts
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