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AnF_Saab said:
Only thing that bothers me about GM's new plan is that is screws actual employees and people that normally get the discount. I mean shouldn't we be getting twice the discount now? :nono; If they take away from the rebates to do this, than it just hurts the employees that much more.
Maybe it's not the case, but that strikes me as a stereotypical union member type comment. Always looking at what's in someone else's pocket. What does it hurt you if someone else pays less?

Does it occur to you that if they don't give this discount to non employees, the company could continue to have unsold cars, and employees could wind up UNEMPLOYED after they close a factory here and there due to huge oversupply of vehicles? I don't think a double discount on your personal vehicle would be that welcome if it came with unemployment checks.

I'd also add that this promotion specifically is what has me even CONSIDERING a GM vehicle purchase right now. I have an '03 9-3 and a pickup and need a 3rd cheap vehicle. I'd never even considered another 9-3 since I figured it'd be in the mid-upper 20's.
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