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G-17 how much HP r u getting?

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Hey guys,

Just wondering how much HP u guys are getting out of the g-17 turbo...

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With the MP Performance Intercooler, Downpipe and ECU we have gotten 210 hp at the wheels with the G-17. Spool up is great with this small turbo, but the way the torque curve falls at high rpms leads me to believe that this is near the hp limit of the G-17.
erp...what size tubing do u use for the intercooler to TB?
gt-17 anyoine.... not really sure what the hell a g17 is
it's the turbo they use in some 9-3 Saab''s called the g-17. Has anyone got 250+HP with fuel mods?
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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