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futur 2006 SC AERO- what I have to check?

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Hi all, long time beeing here . I had a 2005 AERO from 2005-2009 (end of rent)
Change for a family car (2 KIDS) but know I think that I'll do a move for a 2nd car.
I have a eye on a 2006 AERO convertible with 57 000km on.
What do I have to check before I buy it? I know problem like whipper's motor (happen 2 times on my SS) but not much regarding the SC model.

Can you help me?


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They are covered for like 10 years or something, but are not really considered "recalls." I think they are classified as a Technical Service Bulletin (TSB).

They will only be changed if they fail for no charge.

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Thanks, this is good for all 93. I''ll buy it from local GM dealer and they are suppose to check everithing... but i'll double check that.

And for the convertible portion, anythig special to check? There are a lot of hydrolic part and I didn't know much about it!
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