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As a result of checking whether a fuse had blown,I found a number of differences between what is actually in the panels and what is supposed to be there according to the 2007 9-3 Owners Manual for USA and Canada. Local dealer has provided the following corrections:

1) Fuse Panel In End Of Fascia(p,236)
a) Fuse #11--should be 15 amps,not 10 per Manual,
b) Fuse #16--should be 7.5 amps,not 5 per Manual,
c) Fuses # 17 and 18---no fuses should be there in N.A.models,but 10 and
7.5 amp respectively fitted.

2) Trunk Fuse Panel (p.237)
a) This applies to SportCombi as well as Sedan and Convertible,
b) Fuse #14--Should be 15 amps fitted in SC for rear window wiper motor,
c) Fuses #13,19 and 23--no fuses should be there in N.A. models,but all
three have 7.5 amp fitted.

3)Fuse Panels-Engine Bay and Front of Battery(p.239,240)
a) Fuse #24--empty;20 amp only fitted if auxiliary driving lights installed,
b) Relay #5---empty;only fitted if auxiliary driving lights installed.
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