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Fuel pump replacement a DIY project?

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The fuel pump on my 1992 US Spec 9000S recently died stranding my darling wife and daughter on the other side of town...

I had the car towed to a local garage that fixes everything (I suppose). They want about $150 more for the fuel pump than the local foreign car parts place charges, $80 for a $10 - $15 fuel filter and $240 in diagnostic/labor charges. The nearest Saab dealer with $120/hr labor rate wants 1.5 hrs, but the pump is even more money.

How difficult is it to replace the fuel pump? Can a relatively mechanically inclined person (me) with little auto repair experience (I just did the brakes and have done a number of lock motor changes and used to change the fuel filter in my C900) do this without killing himself, burning down neighborhood, etc.? I've never messed with fuel tanks, etc. other than repairing a leak in an old car 20+ years ago.

Fortunately this is our third car so I can take my time (AFAIK)...
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i just did the job a few days ago...the only proble i ran into was the big retaining ring didnt wat to move...i had one on my parts car so i just chiseled away at it till it broke apart...this was after about an hour going at it with liquid wrench and ed-40. You just gotta be really careful with the fuel fitting, alignment after tha fact of the ppump, and when pulling it out be careful with the level sensor. But its definetly not that difficult..just take your time....and dont make any sparks ;)
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