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When the fuel pump on my 95 9000 CDE (4 door) died, it required the fuel tank to drop because the access panel in the trunk floor wasn't big enough to get the pump out. I also made a tool to loosen the retaining ring since it wouldn't budge with any other method I tried. I took the proper diameter pvc pipe (5" or 6" i think) and cut slots in the end to line up with the slots of the ring. Then i drilled a hole through the top of the pipe for a 1/2 piece of pipe to turn it. This is basically what the tool looks like that SAAB makes for the dealers.

The fuel pump that I just replaced in my 88 9000T 5 door last week was able to be done through the access panel in the hatch floor. It only took about 1 hr. I got a used pump from my indie for $100.

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