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I'm not sure whats up. I've definitely not hit the rev limiter (I have one built into my foot ;) ) I did hit the rev limiter in my '99 93 a couple times, and it was a totally different feeling.

The older models had a fuel cutoff at around 22PSI of boost, and perhaps that function was also kicked in by the rev limit being reached.

I realize that the gauge I'm using is no laboratory-grade instrument, but it will hit 28/30PSI without much trouble. If I hold it too long (not that long, either), there is definitely a power cut. I do my best to work around it. Maybe it kills the fuel, maybe it dumps the boost, I'm not sure. The meter will back off, but it still shows a healthy boost during this. I'd think it would drop more if the boost charge were dumped.

It seems to me that BSR is well aware of the parameters of the ECU, and would not allow the car to provide so much boost that it is easy to trip the power-cut implementation, whether it be fuel or wastegate, etc. Once you hit the limiting, it cuts to a point that is significantly less, and it takes a bit to recover, so it's quite a setback.

I'm going to try talking to BSR I guess, see if they can tweak it a bit. I've noted that several others find the curve is a bit too agressive. You'd think that would be a good thing, but it's too easily counter-active to the end goal, I think. Anyone else experiencing this?
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