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I'd read with amusement the descriptions of hitting fuel cut off on a turbo 9k. Now being the sane and sensible driver that I amn't, I didn't really think that it's that major a deal. Well, that's twice in 2 days I've hit it - first getting out of an awkward junction with a semi blind hill, and the second time I succeeded in making a fool of myself with it trying to overtake on a two lane motorway on-ramp.

Well, I've heard it described as feeling like you hit a brick, well I thought I'd hit a brick wall, it was that severe. Succeeded in scaring seven kinds of s**t out of me.

Anyway, Just thought I'd put the post up incase some one who doesn't know about it and is wondering what just happened to their car. If it hadn't been for a previous post, I think I would have worried that I done some major damage to the car. Anyway, I've now got the obligatory red face, and will remember to try and change gear next time.....


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