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I have noticed that my tank of gas only gets me around 150ks? this seems pretty poor and I'm wondering what can cause this? My driving has not changed
(not turned into a boy racer overnight):roll: . I have started to use the higher octain fuel rather than the standard lead free recently but can not see how that can cause this. I have checked the injectors for leaks but after testing only very slight leaks were recorded.Cleaned the air mass meter, throttle body and butterfly, replaced the air filter.

Could the auto choke be stuck on?

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150K is very poor fuel economy. You measure the resistance of the NTC sensor at different engine temperatures using a digital multimeter. Details in Bentley, and elsewhere on this forum.

A failed NTC sensor would cause the car to run pig rich all the time. Won't do the cylinder bores or your oil any good either.

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1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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