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I purchased it with 55,000 miles on it and it is now at 111,576. Most of which were highway, as I worked for Unifirst for a year and did 20,000 alone that year!
All maintenance was done ON TIME and documented. I always used ROYAL PURPLE full synthetic in the engine, and 75w90 in the transmission and rear diff. The timing belt, tensioner and waterpump were done at HOPR on south barre road at 105,000. THe plugs were changed with a new set of Denso Iridiums at 105K as well.
The turbo recently was leaking oil so I spent a weekend and put in a gutted up-pipe, Deadbolt TD-04 turbo and an Oakos (no cat, I still have the factory one if you want it) heatwrapped downpipe. IT was all reassembled with Grimmspeed gaskets.
No Check engine lights or runability issues.
Right now I have a set of snowrims and Cooper Weathermasters (maybe 3000 miles on this winter, IF that) on it. The old rims were sold. Sorry, but HEY! you can pick out new rims, right!!!?!?!
Heres the list of everything done to the car:
Factory add-ons
- Ozz-bros ~lockable~ bed cover
- bed extender
- subwoofer
- upgraded speakers and tweeter package (6cd changer)
- autodim mirror with compass
- boost gauge (hits 11.5-13.5 psi depending on outside temp)
- heated passanger side mirror and switch (i have been searching forever for a drivers painted heated mirror to install, it takes 5 min!)
- subaru all weather mats, front and rear
- OBX (red) lightweight crankpulley (factory 8lbs, OBX less than 1lb)
- Blue Samco radiator, intercooler, coolant and PCV hoses
- STI intercooler from a 2006 STI, ported and polished
- Cobb turbo heatsheild
- Deadbolt TD-04 rebuilt turbo (spools 500-1000 RPM faster than factory)
- desnorkused (ok, its not a part, but it helps!)
- heatwrapped Oakos shorty downpipe
- Kartboy polyurethane shifter bushings, front and rear
- gutted up-pipe (the factory cats like to destroy themselves and the turbos)
- Grimmspeed gaskets (3 times thicker than stock)
- heated seats
- REMOTE START (yes with a manual transmission)
- Royal purple every 4000 miles (I sent it out for analysis and they said I could double that, but I like to be safe)
- brakes done at 95000 miles (pads rotors and cleaning, all centrix)
- new Denso Iriduim ($11 a plug) at 110K
- coolant flush at 105K with the timing belt and water pump
- trans lube change with Royal Purple at 110K with rearend too
- 2 door dings on pass side (I can have those fixed)
- small dime size bit of rust above the drivers side headlight
- needs new trailing arm bushings, I have a set, they just need to be installed
- Cruise control does not work
- wear on drivers seat
Really, thats about it...
Im asking $11,500 OR BEST OFFER

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