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Name: Nik

Location: Dedham, MA/San Francisco, CA

Means of contact: PM

Price: $5,500


I'm moving to San Francisco for a new job and am considering selling my 9-3 or trading it for something plus cash or straight trade (though prefer some cash or all cash). Main reason for sale is I'd like to get back on a motorcycle. Open to pretty much anything - saab or not, motorcycles, trucks, anything.

I bought this car at the end of last year, it needed significant work - wasn't boosting, turbo was leaking oil, brakes were gone, etc. I've invested a significant amount of parts and time since then and I feel this price is fair. I realize most people don't have $5.5k lying around so that's why I'm open to trades.

I'm also open to just keeping it and driving it over to CA if it doesn't go by when I move (end of June). If I take it I'll install a cat so it passes smog.


1999 Saab 9-3 with ~138k miles. Planning on putting it on a dyno over the next week or so once we're done with fine tuning.

-Rebuilt head with GS valve springs
-SC44 turbo with custom up-pipe
-39mm Precision external WG
-T3 Manifold
-full 3" exhaust (custom DP, dual resonators, muffler)
-630cc Dekas
-Walbro pump
-28"x8"x3.5" fmic
-2.25" ic piping
-forge BOV

-Quaife LSD (incredible)
-New 3rd gear at 120k
-GS stage 3 clutch and pressure plate
-Short shift kit

-Full adjustable koni kit
-Rear hatch brace
-22mm rear ARB
-Poly bushings everywhere
-Viggen 308mm brakes (slotted rotors) - brand new pads and rotors
-ATE super blue brake fluid
-SS brake lines
-Brand new e-brake cables

-Innovate wideband, with gauge and calibration switch/LED - wired into ECU
-Boost gauge
-Viggen dash and steering wheel
-Gutted rear
-SE front bumper, SE side skirts, SE rear skirt (need to install rear)
-No sunroof and manual A/C and heat (lightweight)
-17" ronal RT wheels wrapped in hankook ventus v12 evos



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Tuned with T5Suite. Innovate wideband O2 sensor signal going to ECU.

It has a base tune on it now, we didn't have time to finish it up. Will be fine tuning it this weekend. It's running very rich and safe now at around 20psi and is already silly fast. I'd say it's around 400whp and after dialing in the fuel and timing I think it'll be close to 450whp.

I have a 3bar map sensor and the fueling is there to support more power but I want to keep it safe so won't go past 20-22psi.

Planning to do a couple dyno pulls once it's dialed in.

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OMG !!!!!!

for real that was the deal of the year WTF 5,500$ wowwwwww

all that money and love and care on that car for 5 500$ nice deal crazy sleeper ;ol;
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