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Price: $200 + shipping
Location: DC / Baltimore

These were OEM on 2008 to 2011 model year 9-3 Sport Sedans (9-3SS) and are a direct fit for 2003 to 2007 model years. Will not fit convertibles nor wagons.

This set is in OK condition with some issues, hence the lower than usual asking price; some small cracks in the back housings have been fixed with what appears to be glue. Lenses all in good condition with no cracks in them though I have heard they get loose over time. Looking at the rear of the car going left to right:
  • Driver side outer (body mounted): no issues
  • Driver side inner (trunk mounted): some dust inside so could use a cleaning; the circuit board retaining clip is broken so the circuit board falls out unless tape / butyl / adhesive is used to hold it in place
  • Passenger side inner (trunk mounted): some dust inside so could use a cleaning
  • Passenger side outer (body mounted): the inner black side part/shield is broken off and is missing
Since I don’t have a 9-3SS I wasn’t able to test the circuit boards; they look fine though. Some attachment nuts included; no pigtails. Bulbs also included but seem to be mismatched and may be burnt out so replacement of those might be required.

Located in DC / Baltimore and can meet within either beltway. Otherwise count on shipping weight to be around 8 lbs from zip 21201.

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^ passenger side outer missing the black plastic "shield" on the part that faces the trunk opening

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^ driver side inner circuit board retaining clip broken

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^ one of the areas where a small crack has been fixed with glue

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^ another of the areas where a small crack has been fixed with glue


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