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About the car
2000 9-3 Viggen 4dr silver with black/black
127,xxx miles
CLEAN title
Power roof/locks/windows/mirrors/seats
heated seats
pioneer double din bluetooth/cd deck
Runs GREAT quiet and smooth
always mobile 1 synth. and 93 octane
Dropped the pan and cleaned the sump
new oil pump(1mo)
new timing cover(1mo)
new pump housing and seals(1mo)
new harmonic balancer and pulley(1mo)
both control arms(2 weeks)
replaced radiator (today)
ABS reman by BBR(12mo)
tires have aprox 6k on them
brake pads are at 75% or so
serpentine belt
New DIC(12mo)
flex pipe (12mo)
PCV update(1mo)
cam seals (12mo)
timing was checked while cover was off, chain is tight and guides are good...

so pretty much all the "saab" stuff has been done.. either myself or AZR racing(here on the forum) has done all the work
When I dropped the pan there was little to no sludge... and bottom end looked great

Looks; overall 7/10
a few scuffs.... but still looks GREAT
SMALL spot of rust on the bottom of the back hatch
front bumper could use refreshed as a little paint has flaked off...
missing one of the jack point covers...

Interior: overall 7/10
looks good
drivers seat does have cracks in just the bottom seat...

Things that don't work
SID... i just never sent it to BBR... it's $75 and it will work perfectly.. it never bothered me
Cruise control... I'm sure its either the brake or clutch switch.. i just need the time to do so this may be fixed in a day or 2

That's it... everything else works as it should... its a nice straight car...
Pm me if interested and I'll give you my number and we can talk
car is in Ann Arbor Michigan


I will add more pics tomorrow!


554 Posts
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up.... entertaining offers... please nothing ridiculous though..


have a bran new set of NGK irridiums to go with it... :)
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