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You say that aftermarket brake pads were doing the damage to the disk. Clearly you want (need) to get the brake job done to fix the problem and make the car safer to drive.

Do you know who fitted the brake pads? Was it the dealer? If so, I'd be arguing that their poor quality service (bad fitting or choice of parts) has caused the damage and that they should bear the cost of repairs. If this is the case, I would also be reporting them to Saab USA as I'd be pretty confident that Saab USA would not support non-genuine parts being fitted by a dealer (especially during the warranty period) - I know Saab Australia definitely do not.

If someone else has fitted the pads, then I'm afraid it is simply a case of "learn from past mistakes" either your own or someone else's. I know this is no consolation (I've been in a similar position myself, but not that expensive).
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