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While I was doing the work fitting new foglights to my 1990 2.0 carlsson, I noticed that the spoiler assembly doesn't seem to have anything holding it in place at the bottom just in front of the subframe crossmember where the front jacking point is located.

The spoiler is quite large and heavy given it's the special type (which is I think the one on EPC page 1040 described in the index as model 'T16SA') that was only fitted to a small number of cars, I haven't been able to locate any proper documentation for it.

From being under the car a lot in recent months for various reasons it seems like there is meant to be something holding it in place in front of the subframe jacking point. Going on page 980 in the EPC, the part I'm referring to seems to be the air shield (part 6).

I could be wrong and there might not be anything giving lower support under the front of the spoiler, but it seems quite loose though it springs back to position if I pull on the underside at the front and then let it go again.

Does anyone else have experience working with the front spoilers on their 2.0 carlsson's and has studied and sorted out how all the various pieces fit together under the front? At some point a bunch of fasteners seem to have been lost or just not replaced when the car had some work done so the more secure I can make the front spoiler the better. :cool:

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