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I have a knock in the front left suspension, but I have gone over everything pretty well, and am struggling to identify any loose suspension goodies. What I have found is a loose CV cup where it goes into the trans.

I get a clunk when pulling out of my driveway, wheel near lock for a right hand turn, and the left tire bumps up two inches onto the asphalt, followed a moment later by the right tire. My first thought was ARB link, but all those joints seem good. For shiggles I've tried the lower ball joints as well with no success.

While I was down there I started pulling on various things, one of which was the CV axle. I noticed that where the tripod cup mounts into the transmission there is a bit of play. I can physically move the tripod cup up/down/all around. It's more play than I've ever seen before on where the splined axle enters the trans, but for reference, all my other cars are manuals. I can here it knock a bit when I push it up/down aggressively.

Has anyone else experienced anything like this? The powertrain is the same to the 9-5 Aero, so those experiences are more than welcome too, along with similar general mechanical experiences!

I don't currently have time to disconnect the lower ball joint, and pull the shaft, but it's on the short list. One of my biggest concerns is wearing the transmission side spline to the point that I have to get the trans rebuilt...
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