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Front Door Speaker Grilles

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Hi, I am brand new to this site - I did some searching and did not find an answer to my ?, but I might have not searched thoroughly enough - please redirect me if this question has already been answered elsewhere!!! :)

To begin, I have a 1995 900SE V6 5dr - and I loves mah Saab

More importantly, b/c I'm an idiot, I broke one of the speaker grilles - the front driver side door grille (pic attached - and a pic of the car for the helluvit). I had to fix one of my dash speakers and I succeeded in that - to get the grill off, I just pried it off, no problem. I figured the same procedure would fly for the speaker on the door, but instead i snapped the piece that was holding it in. Apparently, I needed to remove the door panel (I read how to do that somewhere else on the site - seemed rather challenging?). Regardless, now that one of the 'clips' that holds the grille on is broken, when i play music, there is of course buzzing and it sounds terrible as the unclipped grille rattles against the door panel :cry:

I was hoping that somebody could tell me if (1) there is an easy fix - a way to repair the clip or if (2) I need to just buy a new grille or (3) there is something else I can do.

Many thanks for your help...!!!!


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Welcome to the forum! Man we are gaining more V6 members everyday!

How about just glue it back on? I have had good sucess on plastic car parts with a good epoxy. Just mix some up, put it back there, and press together!
Seems like a good place nobody would even ever see!

Perhaps some two-part epoxy would take care of that. Just put a bunch of it on the part that is protruding from the door side, close up the grill and hold it there for a couple minutes. Whats the worst that could happen? All I can image is that you would then have to replace the speaker grill. Most likely best place to find it would be a salvage yard if it comes to that. Getting the door panel off is a little challenging, but not back at all. Here is a good set of directions if you haven't seen them already. About 1/3 down this page you will find the door panel removal portion:
Thanks so much for your help - what quick replies!!!!

I'll check my local Saab maintenance place to see if I can get a replacement grille really cheap - they are parting out a 96 900 right now - if not and/or it's not easy to replace the grille, I'll go the epoxy route for sure. Thanks for the link too!!!!

1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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