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I'm trying to find the bumper disassembly section in the WIS, but I can't find it. Can someone point me to the section?

Disclaimer: I'm not great at navigating the WIS.

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I'll describe 2 options: (long version)

Open WIS
> select 9-3 (9400).
> select year 2006.
You get 0-8 on the LHS and a blank on the RHS.
>Select 8 (body) on the LHS.
>open up the (+) on Body under 8 body.
>You'll get 'body panel'.

Now on the RHS .. select the icon tab that looks like some 'gears' that's between the thermometer and 4 arrows.
It should have 'adjustment/replacement' as the mouse over / tool tip.
find your bumper member it up > you'll get 'to remove' and 'to fit'.

Short version
Open up WIS
Select 9-3
Select year

Open search from top bar menu.
Open document search.
key 'bumper' in title .. leave all others default.
you'll get your 'bumper disassembly' in the results.

hope you get the results you need.
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