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Hi Guys ... been a long time :)

Anyone had lost his front bumper washer plastic cover ? the small plastic cover
that hides the front light's washer/sprayer .... i dunno how i lost mine! might be
a kid or the dude at the carwash .... any one knows if i can get a replacement?
part number? ... it looks bad without it :( i think the 2003 models only had those covers ...

any help would be very appreciated



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Long time no see Sam!

Yep. I had my detailer rip it off with the polishing wheel. :evil:

Here's your part numbers:
12798000 (LH)
12798002 (RH)

You will need to get it painted though.
It's kind of hard to get on. You have to pull the washer out of it's hole, and then press it on, then pull your fingers out quickly as it retracts.
This is why I had that one post awhile ago wondering if it was possible to keep the washers extended (you can't).
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