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Last year I did the rear brakes on my step-son's 2006 9-2X Linear (link to thread). I used red powder coated calipers at that time because they happened to be the cheapest calipers on RockAuto. Now the fronts are worn out, so I followed the theme from last time by buying the same Powerstop calipers, Centric rotors, and Wagner ThermoQuiet pads. The powder coated calipers were not the cheapest available, but went with them anyway so they would match the rear brakes. The cost difference was only about $10 for the pair.

Powerstop front calipers - S2682 $44 ea plus core charge
Centric rotors - 12-147012 $17 ea
Wagner pads - PD929A $25
With shipping the total cost was about $180, not including the core charges for the calipers.


Parts used

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