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Helo everyone, i just play around with my Saab 900, that has a bad T25 Turbo. Today arrived a Garrett GT17 as an replacement, but it won't fit 1:1. Of course i need another cobra pipe and an other holder from beneth to the engine block.
What if i buy the T7 cobra pipe? Then i face the problem to connect it to the rubber belt to the air filter housing?
What if i in addition buy a T7 airfilter housing with the rubber belt and the massairflow sensor (i do not need to connect the sensor). Will it fitt then?
There is the other proble with the housing from the Head that one has a different shape für T/ as for T5s?! Can i go and just buy me the T7 one?
Any other problems to face while trying to install the GT17?
Do I need to reprogramm te ecu, i hope not ;-)

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