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General Topics:

Common Saab Acronyms

OBD II Fault Codes

Purchasing Advice: Work in Progress

Technical Service Bulletins - Saab 9-5

VIN Decoder :

Saab Spares suppliers mail order

UK Direct Ignition "Service Campaign".

The Detailing Thread!

Understanding Oil Specifications

Find your Lost Boost

Lets build a B234/235 Hybrid engine

Service Threads:

Time for Service Reset

2004 9-5 Limp home mode reset

9-5 Service Schedule

Cabin/Pollen Filter Replace

Cabin Filter Replacement

Fuel filter replacement instructions

Oil Change Instructions

Oil to do.

AT F - How to Change

Sparkplug Changing Guide

PCV modification - please read!

Maintenance Threads:

Window Roller Replacement

Window Roller Repair (with pics)

Heater Bypass Valve Replacement

Lets Replace the Coolant Temp Sensor

Lets Replace the Thermostat

Fuel Pump replacement

V6 oil cooler replacement

Latest PCV fix

Service Theft Alarm.....the fix.

Throttle Body Replacement

Key Fob Battery Replacement

Location of V6 Thermostat and fix

Crankshaft Position Sensor - Stalling

ABS Module Fix

Heater Bypass Valve

Coolent Bypass Valve

Heated Seat Switch Bulbs

Front Wheel Bearing 02-

Replacing boot /trunk lid shocks

Replacing Brake Booster / Servo Unit

Replace Cabin Fan

Trunk / Boot Wire Harness Repair

DIY Replacement of Turbo

Fixing the Neutral Position Sensor Switch

Remove Centre Console Trim

Steering Column Spline Lube


Performance Brakes

Brake Pads and Rotors Change

Rear Brake Discs / Rotors


Shox and springs installation

Sludge & Related Threads

NEWS - Saab offers 8 year warranty on engines

Oil Sludge - Definative Guide

Guide to dropping+cleaning sump/strainer

Sump drop procedure inc pictures

Engine Sludge, symptoms and how to avoid.

Display Repair Guides

A/C Panel Pixel fix

Sid Pixel fix

Stereo / Electrical System:

Connecting an MP3 Player to the AS1 Stereo

Replacing Switch Backlight Bulbs for 49p

Adding aftermarket Double Din

Pioneer Avic-f700 bt instal

ACC System:

ACC Fault Finding

Dreaded 08 A/C fault code repair

Performance Threads:

Tuning The 9-5

Body Kit suppliers

King Cobra Fitment

Garret G17 swap to TD04 Turbo

Checking Base Boost

Open Air Intake

Front Mount Intercooler

Very Helpful Sites with Fixes :

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