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"Follow me home" function is broken

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I have a 9-5 Aero (2005, with Xenon headlights) as its first owner (I always loved and will ever love this car...). But I faced an extremely weird problem a few days ago.

I know "follow me home" function of the headlight and I used it frequently and enjoyed it at nights in front of the door of my house. So let me repeat again: I do know how to activate this feature. But now, it does not work and I do not know what could happen...

I have gone to the repair shop and the guy tested the DICE with his computer and told me that the configuration of the DICE is okay. Also, the normal light-functions work without any problem which means the cabling, relays and fuses have to be okay as well. So, I am completely at loss...

Does anyone have a solution or just any tip or idea?
This forum is my last hope... :rolleyes:

Thanks in advance,
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How did the shop test the feature? Do they have a Tech II? Did they check all codes with a Tech II?

If I recall, the follow me home procedure includes having a door open. Is the interior light coming on as usual? Does the car know that the door is open?

And is the lighting stalk working properly? You can get high beams when the car is running?
Well, you have to look at the prerequisites for the feature to work. As far as I know, car has to be off, door open, high beam stalk pulled. So the first step is to verify that each of those is correct, including the key cylinder popping up after you have removed the key. And of course the HID lights must work properly.

I suspect that one of these has stopped working. It seems more likely than the car's logic suddenly deciding "oh, the heck with it".

Did the feature just stop working one day (night) and never has worked since? Was anything done to the car before that, or anything happened to it?
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