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Here in sweden we are not allowed to use foglights and lo-beam headlight at the same time, people get so buzy blinking at people who do, so...

I have no front foglights on my car, but i want to have original ones put in, and then i want the car to light them instead of the lo-beam in the lightswitch outermost right position. They should also still be on while i use hi-beam too. The lo-beam light should glow just a little (is that the parking light?) when the foglights are used as lo-beam.

But this is not the only problem. The swedish 'Bilprovningen' that approves the safety and use of the car every year, only approve the use of standard lo-beam only, in normal driving.

As i don't want to mind the lightswitch for every ride, and i don't want to alter the original settings of it for legal reasons, do i need to make some sort of switch in the engineroom for altering this permanently?


I would also like to always have my back-foglights on all the time, but with 5w bulbs - only to extend the rear lights. Would i need to re-wire the backlights, disabling the wire for the foglights, or is there a way to make it remember the foglight were ON, the next time i start the car?
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