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2006 9-3 aero 2.0T, B207R mated with the 5 speed FM55 gearbox. Tuned for about 360Nm

Ever since I got the car over a year ago its had a gear whine in 5th - I just assumed it to be general wear since it had around 140k on the clock when I got it.

Recently at 149k miles the whine has suddenly gotten much worse in 5th and is now also prominant in 2nd. It still changes smoothly and easily, but the whine is getting very loud.
I had the clutch and flywheel replaced about 8 months ago along with a partial gearbox oil change.

I suspected initially when the whine worsened that a bearing in the gearbox was worn, probably on the input shaft because the whine stops when the clutch is depressed. But I noticed that when in 2nd a very light pressure on the gearstick to the left fully stops the whine and in 5th pressure to the right stops the whine.

Does this mean that the whine could be fixed by gear shift linkage adjustment?
If the issue is within the gearbox, how much time would you guess it has left?

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