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Hey guys first time posting here, long time reader..

Have solved quite a few problems from here, and love to learn from trial and error but sometimes it just gets a little too old.. bare with me as I know these questions have been asked several times, if this post needs to be moved to a different section just let me know.

So I've had the classic no audio/blinker noise issue like everyone else, and had routed the problem to my Amp1. The problem was solved for awhile until the Amp died.. thus taking me back to square 1.

Now.. after taking a long break from working on these parts, I decided to give the Optical Audio Bypass a shot, and I (mistakenly) spliced the optical wires (chopped off the small tips that connect into the main connector going into Amp1) not knowing what I was dealing with so I guess I'll never have an amp1 back in this vehicle.

With that being said, I used the end of a Pen Ink Cartridge to bridge the optical wires back together, checked the radio faceplate and realized I had the connectors in backwards (so I guess amp1 wasn't dead lol).. and it worked.. Blinker noises back.. radio worked.. music was playing.. OH BOY HOW EXCITED I WAS!! Until I accidently dropped the faceplate while putting it back on the radio and it yanked 1 of the 2 connection fittings out of it's little threshold.

The larger connector was fine, it is the smaller one that got slightly bent during the drop.. so as I went to finely bend it back into place to make sure it would have good connection when I reconnected I.. I pulled off the little blue tab that holds the little metal lines in place by accident. Carefully realigned them and used some electrical tape to hold it all together.
Placed it back in it's threshold and it seemed to my eyes that it fit perfectly and had plenty of contact. This is where I am now stumped, everything was working until I dropped the faceplate.. There's no way this is coincidence!

PROBLEM: No more laser coming from my Optical Audio wires.. No more SID functionality.. No more Radio, No more Blinker Noises, and pretty sure my Keyfob isn't working as well.. as well as the car not wanting to start everytime I try (I read is most likely the ICU or ICM, so I'll get to that later as eventually it starts up).

QUESTION: The 2 connectors on the radio faceplate, one controlled the visuals and one controlled the Audio from what I could tell when I was diagnosing.. is it possible the smaller one that I bent is causing all of these problems?

/edit: Unplugged radio faceplate, and now my SID and Blinker Noise is back.. but when I try to plug in the connector that I had originally bent.. it shuts the SID off and Blinker Noises stop.. I'm assuming it's stopping the Optical Loop somehow or something? Have to go to work.. will continue to figure it out somehow..
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