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Fixed all my oil issues, finally

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Last week I fixed my oil leak, replaced oil pump gasket and pully seal, after that the oil pressure was really low, like 5 lbs at idle:eek: Well today I removed the oil pressure relief valve and cleaned it. I changed the oil in the process and wow what a difference. 20 lbs of oil pressure at idle now jumps right up 45 under load. A huge difference at start up also, less noise and the car seems to idle so much better. Seems like a must do if oil pressure is an issue for you.
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Great news mate!

I am going to change my gaskets too some time this year! They are not bad yet :D But where can I find the oil pressure relief valve?
On the car is on the left hand side of the timing chain cover. Its a 17 mm bolt. It is located directly infront of the oil pumo itself. Much easier than I first though, although getting it from the bottom is much easier.
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